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Danielle Dudai

At Dudai Legal, I understand that finding good help is not always easy. After graduating from the University of Miami with a Bachelor in Business Administration, I began my journey learning the business of law and litigation. Since 2010, I have been building strong cases, and taking them through litigation of motions and trial, and post-conviction proceedings.  In that time, I have become highly proficient in trial advocacy and evidence presentation, and have amassed a wealth of knowledge in with specialized training in cases involving financial assets and cryptocurrency. 

My confidence and talent in the courtroom complements my services to small businesses, as I am a vigorous and ethical advocate, who is not afraid to litigate my client's issue(s) in court to defend their position.

I have a unique ability to assess cases and analyze issues, and I am extremely well versed in evidence, and statutory and case law. My talent in these fields strengthens my ability to work with small businesses and business professionals in navigating their day to day and long term concerns. I chose to open my firm focusing on businesses, contracts and cryptocurrency, because they are my passion. 

Schedule an appointment today, and let's make sure your your business becomes my priority, so that your headaches and worries about legal issues plaguing your business are no more.

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