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Recently receive an employment contract and are unsure if there are hidden terms you aren't aware of? Are you a physician or professional looking to renegotiate the terms of your compensation? Have you recently decided to hire a vendor and the contract seems like a foreign language to you? Moving into a new home and confused by the lease?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Dudai Legal is here to help you and ensure your interests are best served.

At some point, every individual will need some sort of legal paperwork drafted on their behalf. If you are a small business, perhaps you need to create or update your policies and procedures, or revisit your warranties. If you are an employer, perhaps you need to draft a strong employment contract for new hires. If you are a property owner, perhaps you would like a more thorough contract than the one you found on Google. No matter your drafting needs, Dudai Legal is here for you.

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