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At Dudai Legal, we advise and consult on various cannabis-related business matters (“cannabiz”) for both business owners, investors, and customers. Dudai Legal has a team of professionals to work with and ensure that your every cannabiz need is taken care of properly.

Whether you are just starting your cannabis business (“cannabiz”), or trying to open a dispensary that complies with Florida regulations, or you already have an operating business venture, we are here to help you! Attorney Dudai regularly advises small businesses in their general matters, and she has made a point to learn this emerging area of law so that all strategies and advice are compliant with the law, while also maximizing your earnings and growth potential.

Florida’s medical marijuana law has been in disarray for several years, however, recently there were several bills passed in the 2019 Legislative session that have addressed some of the deficiencies in the law and regulatory scheme.


It is expected that many more licenses for medical marijuana treatment centers will be approved this year, but this is assuming the new rule changes allow everything to move forward smoothly.

Do you want to open a medical marijuana treatment center (“dispensary”) in compliance with the regulatory scheme?

Are you an investor looking for help with a cannabis related investment? Call Dudai Legal and let us help you navigate this complex legal area.

If you have any of the following needs, schedule your appointment today!

  • Licensing & Registration

  • Supply-chain Management

  • Regulatory And Tax Compliance

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • Corporate Formation and Management Structure

  • Business Litigation

  • Business Transactions

  • Banking & Merchant Services

  • Accounting Systems And Reporting

  • Quality Control Systems And Reporting

  • Research & Development Systems And Reporting

  • Inventory Tracking And Software Implementation

  • Manufacturing Systems Integration

  • Employment Matters

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