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Business Meeting


We provide our clients with easy to understand information about each type of business structure and which would be most favorable to their particular business. This clear communication allows business owners to make informed decisions about their future enterprise.

Dudai Legal can help you form:

  • Sole proprietorships

  • General and limited partnerships

  • Corporations, including S-corporations

  • Limited liability enterprises (LLCs and LLPs)

  • Joint ventures


Dudai Legal can prepare and file all the necessary documents to establish your business as a legal entity. In addition to filing your articles of incorporation, we can also:

  • Prepare your organizational documents like Operating Agreements or Bylaws

  • Prepare your organizational minutes

  • Issue your stock and Shareholder Agreements

Dudai Legal believes in preventative law – the practice of law that helps you prevent against legal headaches and issues before they happen. When future litigation is uncertain, our firm's philosophy is that solid contracts and document helps to avoid as much chaos as possible. We can draft or review any type of contract your business may need, including:

  • Contracts for purchase or sale

  • Sales and marketing agreements

  • Acquisitions documents

  • Employment contracts

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Shareholder, stockholder and distribution agreements

  • Property and equipment leases

  • Covenants of noncompetition and other restrictive covenants

We also understand the value and need to have an attorney on staff, but most small businesses cannot afford to have a lawyer on staff full time. Dudai Legal serves as general counsel to many small businesses, which allows the best of both worlds -- an attorney who knows your business and is available to you for any of your legal issues, without having to pay a full time salary to that attorney, and rather just pay for the services you need.

Day to Day

Legal Compliance

Many small businesses and companies often find themselves faced with subpoenas or search warrants, and are not sure how to comply. Dudai Legal has assisted several individuals with these exact compliance issues, finding a balance between delivering the requested documents and maintaining trade secrets or protected company information. 

Additionally, Dudai Legal currently serves as special legal counsel to several corporate entities to assist them in ensuring that their proprietary software can be used without disclosure of confidential elements and trade secrets. If you have a product whose terms of service should or does prevent discussion or disclosure by its users, call Dudai Legal today.

We assist our business clients with many services, including:

  • Business formations and organizations

  • Employee handbooks

  • Drug Free Workplace Policies

  • Employment law, including contracts and disputes

  • Operating agreements

  • Partnership agreements

  • Real estate leases

  • Sales and acquisitions

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Pre-litigation demands

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