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As of July 1, 2021, Dudai Legal has been acquired by Hall Booth Smith, P.C.
Attorney Danielle Dudai is still serving clients in the areas of business law, cryptocurrency, blockchain compliance, and litigation.

What We Do


Dudai Legal serves small businesses and business professionals in navigating common legal issues like contracts - vendor, purchase, employment;  licensing agreements, policies, etc.


Attorney Danielle Dudai has vast knowledge of cryptocurrency and emerging legal regulations, and can help you adapt your  business or practice to this cutting-edge technology.


Whether you have a business matter to litigate or need a zealous advocate to represent you in another matter, Dudai Legal will provide the litigation services you need. 


Perhaps you need trial counsel assistance, training courses, or legal drafting assistance, Dudai Legal is available to consult with you on these matters.

Licensed in Texas and Florida

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Attorney Danielle Dudai

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